Integrated Motor Drive


Integrated Motor Drive


In the design of electric powertrains, power electronics (PE) and electric machines (EM) that combine low-weight and high-performance with minimal TCO are the key players. Apart from the voltage-current rating, the design of the PE and EM are nowadays mostly decoupled. This results in a design where PE and EM have an individual enclosure and cooling system, and where the power exchange between both is realized by large shielded cables.

The integrated motor drive (IMD) suggests a structural integration of an EM with PE as a single unit. This integration would allow to increase the power density by 10 to 20%, while simultaneously reducing the overall system cost of installation and manufacturing by 30 to 40%. The mitigation of cables (by a direct connection) also leads to an improved electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility behavior.

Project goal

In this project, integration concepts of the PE for different EM technologies will be introduced. This integration concept covers multiphysics aspects such as structural, electromagnetic and thermal issues. The major project findings will be illustrated on a TRL 5 demonstrator setup.


INMOD_ICON is an Industrial Research ICON project. We are looking for companies to join the User Group and work with us on the valorisation of the project.

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